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Abco is the exclusive i-Team Global partner for Australia and New Zealand. I-Team global is the leading innovative company in cleaning equipment that combines ergonomic design, aesthetics and digital technologies to improve the efficiency of cleaners around the world. The focus of the i-Team range is around a central battery powered system that is interchangeable between the drivers specialised cleaning equipment. Our aim is to provide revolutionary cleaning equipment that allow cleaners to feel empowered in their job.

I-Team is challenging the conventional commercial cleaning floor cleaning method and always striving for excellence in the cleaners’ experience and efficiency in cleaning. With the I-Team Global Innovation range of Vacuum cleaners, cordless vacuums, cordless floor scrubbing and cordless specialised commercial cleaning equipment your cleaning team will be well equipped to tackle any commercial cleaning job in a confident and proactive way.


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i-Team Case Studies

and ARA group Services thanks for the great collaboration session today, it refreshing to see your commitment to best practice and innovation in the cleaning industry to make this world a better place !

Even more efficient cleaning.

Saving lives everyday: our doctors, nurses and hospital staff need to work in a safe, and clean environment. With the i-mop, the cleaning staff makes sure the ER, recovery rooms, hallways, kitchen, washroom areas and every floor in the hospital is clean to fit the standard of high-quality healthcare. The I-Mop demonstration video show how floor cleaning is done and tested in a hospital environment.

Most food manufacturing plants find it hard to scrub the floor and get around the machinery and in tight corners, but with the I-mop floor cleaning and scrubbing becomes an easy job. Ideal for epoxy non-slip floors cleaning, the i-Mop gets into the small corners and is a two in one option ensuring the floor is always hygienic and ready for food manufacturing.

The i-mop at Sydney Olympic Park

The i-mop at Martin Place Station

The i-mop at the Coffee Club

The i-mop at Westfield